Tools of the Trade for Custom Harley Motorcycle Builders

Tools of the Trade for Custom Harley Motorcycle Builders

Building a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle is isn’t for everybody, but if you have spent enough time wrenching on your own bike then I am sure you know whether you can take on the task of building your own custom bike.

While having the cash to be able to go out and get all of the parts necessary to make your custom motorcycle a reality is the most important part of it all, the next is having the right tools for each phase of your custom build. Aside from have the right hand tools; it is important that you have a nice collection of parts catalogs as well. When it comes to searching parts numbers for a replacement part or parts interchange information your parts catalogs will be an invaluable asset.

If you still need to round out your tool collection then while you are at your local motorcycle swap meet or bike show make sure to look for used tools to add to your collection. Another good source for quality used tool can be found at your local pawnshop and regular swap meets and flee markets. Buying quality tools is just as important as buying parts for your motorcycle. While cheap tools may save money on the initial out of pocket expense, they invariably cost more money in the long run when the break or worse should they damage parts on the motorcycle should they fail while making a repair.

Even if you are highly experienced and knowledgeable on the particular model of your motorcycle it is a good idea to have a reliable repair manual for your make and model of motorcycle. There will come a time when you will need some spec of other technical details and this will help save time in researching this information.

In addition to the commonly used hand tools needed for making repairs and building motorcycles, there are some important major tools you should add to your collection hen you are financially able to; a portable motorcycle lift will help with removing your rear wheel and other major repairs as well as the stable platform for building a motorcycle.

A small wielder is an invaluable tool for making tack wields as well as wielding brackets and other fixtures on your motorcycles frame.

Having the right tool for every potential repair or build procedure is not only a wise investment but also having the tools necessary to make emergency repairs as well as perform custom build task will make your build and repair tasks easier to preform and that alone is worth its weight in gold!

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