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A New York man has been missing during his motorcycle trip in Mexico for more than 3 weeks now. Harry Divert had been traveling down to Mexico through NY and had been traveling with a Mexican Military escort in tense and dangerous territory. He was on his way to Zihuatanejo, which is an area made famous by the movie The Shawnshank Redemption.  The area which Harry has been missing has had US State department travel warnings issued for quite some time. The last time Harry had been in contact was January 25th, he reported that he had just received a military escort through some dangerous areas and was waiting on the second escort. Currently, the US state department said in a statement that their embassy is working with Mexican authorities to locate the missing young man.

When you’re traveling to unfamiliar territories with your bike, it’s easy to stick out like a sore thumb and end up being the victim of crime. It can range anywhere from a mugging, or a more serious thread like kidnapping for ransom. Especially since you’re riding on a motorcycle, you’re particularly vulnerable. You can have your valuables stolen, your motorcycle vandalized, and inattentive drivers run you off the road. When traveling to unfamiliar places, it’s very important to stay informed. Places such as South America often times have travel advisory warnings issued by local embassies.

Here are our top 3 tips for staying safe and out of harm’s way while traveling on your motorcycle.

1.     Keep family informed. In the instance above, Harry’s family notified authorities he was missing because the continuous updates of his trip had stopped. Whether you’re using a cell phone or payphone to check back regularly, it’s a wise idea to set up an arrange ahead of time with family or friends. Another method which we highly recommend is a tried and tested GPS tracking system. If Harry had invested in a SPOT tracker device, his family would know his whereabouts and be updated regularly. The SPOT tracking device is definitely an investment that we recommend riders look into.

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2.     Plan ahead. We know that traveling thousands of miles is definitely no easy feat. Plan according and look up areas you intend on passing through ahead of time. Look up any local travel advisories and ask around. Buy your maps and plot your routes out ahead of time. If you’re planning a very long trip, try splitting the trip into parts and use a paperclip and envelopes to organize it all. Don’t overlook important items like bike maintenance and spare parts.

3.     Be Diligent and aware of your surroundings. Riding a motorcycle is a daunting task sometimes. You have to watch out for cars that don’t see you and worry about debris on the road. What we mean by the phrase ‘be aware of your surroundings ‘is more than that. We mean keep an eye on your environment. Sometimes you get a gut feeling and know when you’re in danger. Follow this. If you see something out of the ordinary and unusual, don’t stick around to find out why. It’s probably not normal for 3 guys with hoodies on to come riding up on truck.

Hopefully this is proves to be helpful. Although, Harry’s situation is still hopeful at this time, we’d like to help prevent similar events from happening to other riders. Other more helpful motorcycle traveling tips can be found here .





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