Mini Harley Choppers Are the Latest Craze

Mini Harley Choppers Are the Latest CrazeThere is nothing like building your very own custom Harley Chopper: each custom Harley you may come across is a reflection of the owner, and they are absolutely no limits in design and style in building the custom Harley chopper of your dreams. Along the custom Harley chopper craze is something new called the Mini chopper craze.

A mini chopper is smaller version of a full size Harley chopper, with one exception, that these pint sized versions are powered by small 2 stroke gas engines. They look and ride like a real chopper but cost pennies compared to their “real” full sized ancestors.

There are quite a few companies that have easy to build kits as well as ready to ride models, but before you run out and drop down some cash some of these mini choppers are not street legal and you could get a fat ticket if stopped by the police, so if you are looking for a street legal mini chopper then check out Scooter depot.

Another serious concern is that these mini choppers are ultra lightweight making them high powered machines, so you should take the same safety concerns as you would on any other motorcycle.

Building a custom motorcycle is defiantly a cool hobby but with the ease and affordability of building a mini chopper, you can now have a cool bike to putt around at bike shows, or just about anywhere you want to ride, and think of it while other bikers are blazing past you on their full size choppers, you are sure to get all of the attention on your slick and sexy mini Harley chopper!!



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