Don’t Let Building Your Dream Motorcycle Become a Nightmare

Don’t Let Building Your Dream Motorcycle Become a Nightmare

There are a few reasons why people decide to build their own motorcycle; the first reason is the pride of knowing you built your custom motorcycle from the ground up, while others simply want a customized high performance bike that just can’t be bought, and lastly some motorcycle enthusiasts gain more enjoyment from building motorcycles than they do riding them.

What ever your reason for building a custom motorcycle, for the novice or first time builder your dream can easily turn into a nightmare with buying the wrong parts, or making mistakes that could have been avoided. Just like learning to ride a motorcycle, building a custom bike is a learning process and if you already have good mechanical skills and the rights tools for putting together and fine tuning a motorcycle then you are more than half the home.

The easiest way to build your first motorcycle is using what is called a “Bike in a box” kit. This kit has everything you need to build your first motorcycle except for the paint. These bike kits come in a variety of styles and builds from a full blown “Stroker” Harley chopper to less expensive bobber kits. Additionally you can also choose kits that are complete kits to stripped down kits that are just a rolling chassis. If you already have an engine and transmission then this would be the right choice.

The kit you purchase will come with a building guide and step by step instructions, but should you run into trouble you can also ask a friend for some tips to help, or in many cases if you have made purchases from another motorcycle parts shop or dealer you can also give them a call for some simple assistance.

One of the coolest features in building a custom motorcycle is that it can be a father and son adventure or be a cool activity for you and a few friends.

With your “bike in a box” kit you will have everything you need to put your bike together, but before you jump right in bolting stuff together, take the time to sort out all of your parts and make sure you have everything that is listed on your kits build sheet, and this is also the best time to make sure you have all of the tools you will need for each phase of your new build project.

Depending on how fast you work you can easily have your new motorcycle together and ready for the final tear down for painting in no time, but you may prefer to take it slow and enjoy the process, but no matter when you are finished you will have joined a new brotherhood of custom motorcycle builders who know the feeling of having built their first motorcycle!

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