Building the Motorcycle of Your Dreams on Budget

price is to low for my high volume pr3 blogBuilding a motorcycle on a budget is easily possible, as long as you are willing to do some serious footwork before you begin you build. The two most important things to consider is staying within your budget while getting the right parts to complete the look of your build.

Building the motorcycle of your dreams is going to require a set of tools to perform each stage of your build. If you already have the right tools for the job then you are already closer to realizing your dreams. If you need to buy tools for your build project then remember your tools are not only to used for building your new motorcycle but they are also an investment that will pay off every time you use them. Buying quality tools will make performing tasks easier and won’t wear out or break like cheap tools tend to do. Don’t cut corners on buying tools, you will end up spending more money and losing time to replace them while building your motorcycle.

Once you have the tools necessary to build your motorcycle, then the next hurdle you work through is getting the parts for your build. If you already have a style in mind then you are one step closer to making your dream a reality. You can ask friends to donate parts or trade with you, also swap meets and motorcycle shows are a great source for getting the parts you need while staying on budget. Another option is purchasing a rolling chassis, or even a full blown motorcycle kit. Choosing a kit may not be within your budget, but if it is, then you will undoubtedly save yourself a lot of time searching for the parts.

Those on super tight budgets will want to consider building a “Bobber”. This style has become very popular and with some creativity, you can design the look you are after and stay on budget. The core of your build is your frame, motor, moldings, and of course paint so if you are willing to be patient, you can easily get the rest of your parts and accessories together while shaving around $5,000.00 off of your total build cost. You may even be able to make straight trades for some of those parts you have gathering dust in your garage for things you actually need for your current build.

Don’t forget that the swap meet and local bike shows are your friend, and if you are will to be patient you can get everything you need, stay on budget and soon have the coolest new motorcycle….That you actually built!

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