Building a Harley Davidson Sportster Bobber

Building a Harley Davidson Sportster Bobber

While many custom Harley builders and enthusiast tend to go for the bigger Harley styles when designing a custom bike, there is still a big group that would only consider building a sportster, and with the bobber craze in full swing the Harley Davidson Sportster has been the Harley model of choice when it comes to building a custom bobber.

No other motorcycle has so many options and available parts like the Harley Sportster, and with the introduction of 1200 cc model in 1988 the Sportster nimble package can easily out perform other bikes on the road which is why they are the top choice for road racers as well as Bobber enthusiast.

You can easily pick up a late model 883 sportster in great running condition for under $4000 and that alone makes it this option far wiser than taking your chances with a low cost “box in a box” kit that will more than likely require additional labor to make sure all of the parts bolt up correctly.

Before you run out and buy the first Sportster you find, head to your local Harley Davidson dealer and pick up a copy of their latest Sportster parts catalog. Even though you are building a Bobber, which is a stripped down lean Harley Machine, you still want quality parts. Skimping on parts to save a buck or two will only cause you headaches or worse later on so when it comes to purchasing the important parts always go for quality over price. You can always save money on your accessories etc.

Once you have your parts catalog and a rough idea of what you want your new bobber to look like then it time to look for a used sportster. If you have enough money then you might consider picking up a 1200cc sportster, which will give you more power, and more power is always a good thing!

When it comes to customizing your new bobber project you can easily do much of the work yourself in your garage. You are basically just removing stock parts and replacing them with new parts to match your lean & mean bobber theme. It is always a good idea for those new to motorcycle customization to ask your parts dealer about compatibility with your bikes current configuration, cause there is nothing worse than finding out your new triple tree won’t fit on your stock forks, etc!

When it comes to paint if you are not experienced then this part of your project is better left to a professional. If you are going for an old school rockabilly black look then this shouldn’t cost too much, but just like shopping for parts you will find a painter who can do what you want on your budget.

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