Avoiding Costly Mistakes In Building a Custom Harley

Avoiding Costly Mistakes In Building a Custom Harley

There is nothing like building your own custom Harley Davidson motorcycle; while many motorcycle enthusiasts will spend thousands of dollars adding custom parts and accessories to their motorcycle to make it exactly the way they want it, nothing compares to building your dream motorcycle from the ground up, and while those experienced in undertaking a custom Harley build project from the ground up know what to avoid when gathering the parts to begin their build project, this article will help those new to building a custom Harley avoid costly mistakes than can ruin their project or even cost much more money later on to correct.

The most important part of any custom motorcycle build design is choosing the right parts. There is literally thousands of places to pick up new, used, and remanufactured parts, and while saving money is your primary concern, you shouldn’t skimp on buying cheap parts that will only cost more money down the line to modify in order to get them to either work with your build or fit correctly.

Putting it all on paper

The most important part of any custom motorcycle build is having a build sheet to work with. It isn’t necessary to make a blueprint, but at the vary least you should have a written list of every part on your new custom build on paper. If you are still in the rough design stage, then start with the parts you have and work from there. This will help save both time and money when buying the rest of your parts. Even though you are building a Harley Davidson, there are many variables in parts compatibility and knowing what you have will remove the potential for errors when purchasing the rest of your parts.

There are loads of aftermarket companies that sell discount parts and build kits. Many of the well known companies are sometimes a bit more expensive, but their selling point is their parts will bolt right on or install without the need to modify or adapt in order to get them working.

Once you have a build list, the next step is making a mock build to ensure all of your parts will bolt up or install correctly. A common mistake is misalignment of fenders bolt holes. This can cause plenty of problems but can easily be avoided when you make a mock up build.

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