Used Harley Buying Tips

Used Harley Buying TipsIf you are considering buying a used Harley Davidson motorcycle then you should know what to look for before you run out and buy the first shinny Harley you see!

It is important to get as much information as you can from the seller about the motorcycle, an honest seller will be happy to answer your questions and many times they will have paperwork to support their claims of repair and maintenance. If you don’t have any harley repair skills then it is a good idea to ask a friend who does have mechanical skills with you, or you could simply as the seller to bring the motorcycle to your local harley tech for a professional inspection. An honest seller will not object to this reasonable request.

When buying newer model used Harley’s Kellyblue book is your best friend; this will give you an exact idea on pricing based on condition and installed equipment such as side bags fairings etc. Using carfax is also a great tool to use, this will show you if the motorcycle has a salvaged title, meaning it was previously wrecked. Carfax will also show dealership maintenance records and any accident reports as filed by the police or a private party seeking to file an insurance claim against the owners insurance company.

All of these are flags to either a motorcycle you should walk away from or a potential keeper.

Signs of heavy wear or a multitude of minor maintenance issue are also clear indications of a biker you should walk away from. Fluid leaks are also signs of bad deal and unless you are skilled at making any potential repairs this isn’t the motorcycle for you.

If you have the skills and tools to make even major repairs then you certainly find a wonderful deal on used “fixer upper”, and as long as you know what you are getting into then let your best judgement be your guide.

If you are just looking for cheap broken or wrecked harley to use for spare parts or an engine or frame for a custom build project you should consider checking out insurance clear out sales. When insured Harley’s are damaged in accidents, of from other damage such as water or storm damage they are sold of to salvage clearing houses and you can get a really good deal.

Just remember “buyer beware” and happy shopping!

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  1. Rob Fleming - May 25, 2012

    New blog post: Used Harley Buying Tips

  2. Rob Fleming - May 25, 2012

    New blog post: Used Harley Buying Tips

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