Unique One of a Kind Custom Motorcycles

Unique One of a Kind Custom Motorcycles

There is nothing like a custom motorcycle, if you are the builder then you have the pride in knowing you designed and built a custom motorcycle, as the owner you ride high in your seat know your motorcycle is like no other, and while it is true that no two motorcycles are the same there are some totally unique designs that all but push beyond the basic conception of custom motorcycle design. Here are a few examples.

Ever wish your motorcycle could float? Well if you got the $10,000.00 for a set of Forgiato Radurra glass motorcycle wheels then you can make the impossible a reality. These wheels are made from a hard-coated polycarbonate and attached to aluminum hubs making then both the most expensive and the coolest one of a kind custom design for motorcycles.

The company has a long history in the jewelry industry, which accounts for their ability to conceive and design such a unique motorcycle wheel. Check them out on the web http://forgiatoauto.com

Unique One of a Kind Custom Motorcycles

Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto has taken building the perfect custom motorcycle one step further than anyone could have imagined with his wooden motorcycle. While the technical specs are sparse, there are literally hundred’s of blogs and websites with pictures of his wooden motorcycle and a wooden Vespa scooter. While I am not sure if a wooden bike would carry my big behind around comfortably, but one thing is for sure is you better not park this baby too close to the campfire!

Unique One of a Kind Custom MotorcyclesThey say chrome won’t get you home but the amount of chrome on this bike is enough to be its own rescue beacon. This Yamaha R1 is a perfect example chrome gone wild. I love chrome but I am willing to bet that in direct sunlight this bike would give you a sunburn.

I know that bling is the new status symbol for rock stars and the over rich and famous but now for motorcycles too?

Stellan Egeland has taken the old school board racers to a new level with his bike “Hustler”. The Bike won the Unique One of a Kind Custom Motorcycles2007 AMD bike building competition with this sexy old school inspired design. While I don’t think this would be the bike to ride for that 400 mile poker run, I bet it would hold its own in the wall of death!

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