Motorcycle Safety Should Be Taught Young

Recently in Myakka City FL. A tragic motorcycle accident claimed the life of a seven year old boy who was riding a motorcycle. The young boy was participating in an event that introduces the sport of off-road motorcycle riding to the younger kids in the peewee division. The children were riding under the supervision of parents and being taught how to ride and race dirt bikes. In a freak accident, the 7-year old collided into the back of an instructor’s motorcycle. He was transported to the local Children Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The accident is now under investigation by local authorities. Some witnesses on scene of the accident have voiced their concern that there might not have been enough safety measures and gear required for this event. Tragically, the event claimed the life of someone before any changes could be made.

teach safety to young riders

When horrible situations like this occur, one has to ask: What could have been different? Especially when we introduce unfamiliar riders to motorcycles, Motorcycle safety is oftentimes initially ignored. For new riders, learning to ride a motorcycle is a daunting and dangerous task. You must learn how to control the bike and then eventually, but soon navigate through traffic. I can imagine all of this must be a lot harder for 7 year olds learning to ride a motorbike. A first time rider should have all the proper gear. We’re firm believers in ATGATT (All the gear, All the time) and that consists of helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, and proper boots. Should the 7 year old motorcycle victim have had all of this gear, we’d like to believe he might still be here today. One might argue that this occurrence is a ‘freak of nature’ accident. However, many times we see new and inexperienced riders without gear. As scary of a thought it may be, imagine going down without any gear and how quickly the asphalt will tear your skin. It only takes one wreck, or time down to permanently get hurt. Any rider can tell you, it can happen in a matter of seconds. Personally, having been down on the road before; the memory of having the loose gravel scrubbed out and off my wounds is enough to make me gear up every single time I ride.

We understand that sometimes it’s very difficult to choose the right gear. Questions like what gear do I buy? What kind of helmet should I get? Do I need to buy a jacket? What brand is good?  These are all very valid questions. There are many resources available to help you choose the correct gear. Online retailers such as Revzilla, Motorcycle House, and other companies offer great guides on how to pick the correct jacket and gear for your needs.

Just be sure to remember that not everyone can be invincible and survive a motorcycle crash as seen on TV. Shows like Sons of Anarchy and movies popularize dangerous riding with no real consequences. In the real world, taking a 40mph crash while wearing just your t-shirt and leather vest is going to send you straight to the hospital. It’s safe to say that a helmet will save your life, but having the proper gear will save you from a lot of pain. Ride safe!





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