Royal Enfield’s Classic Beauties

We’ve all seen those classic Royal Enfields. Whether you know it or not, You’ve probably seen the bike in one of your favorite classic movies Royal Enfield’s have been around for almost 100 years now.  The classic looking bikes can be seen in many of today’s new Bollywood movies as Royal Enfield continues to grow their market share in India. From different types of bikes like café racers to vintage cruisers, their bikes are coveted by motorcycle riders all over the world. So how did this company survive for so long when other motorcycle companies slowly disappeared with time? How can a company this old still continue to thrive?

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Royal Enfield started as the Enfield Cycle Company for motorcycles and bikes. They started producing different inventions and products around 1893. Their first started producing 4 wheeled motorcycle chariots ( quadricycle ). They quickly evolved and started developing motorcycles. By WW1, they won a contract with the Russian government to provide them with their first motorcycles. During WW2, The British asked British Enfield to help manufacture motorcycles for combat. This lead to the creation of a 125cc motorcycle that was widely used. They also created and popularized the sidecar, making it possible to mount a machine gun on an attached side car. After the wars, Royal Enfield continued to develop and come with new motorcycles well through the 1960s. They were one of the few companies that survived the pressure from stiff Japanese competition. They introduced one of their most popular models, the interceptor but was unable to keep up with the steady overwhelming demand.

The companies all time best selling motorcycle is the Bullet, which has been around for decades already. Royal Enfield has since been bought out by Indian automobile company, Eicher Motors and continues to operate a factory out of India. Due to this, Royal Enfield has continued to grow into their Indian market exponentially by providing affordable motorcycles in a growing country. The company can take credit for bringing leisurely motorcycle riding back into popularity. Now with the new introduction of their café racer motorcycle, they aim to explore and conquer another genre of motorcycles.

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The style of Royal Enfield bikes can be easily described with the words classic, classy, and timeless. It’s easy to envision a gentleman in a leather motorcycle jacket riding on Royal Enfield with a beautiful girl clutching behind him. This is why Royal Enfield has been around for almost a century and is one of the oldest motorcycle companies in existence. Generations of fathers and sons have enjoyed the Bullets charm. It’s easy to see how the company has a cult like following. It’s easy to see how you can ride and just forget how many miles you’ve gone with these classic rides.

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