Meet Custom Harley Photographer Dino Petrocelli

Meet Custom Harley Photoghrapher Dino Petrocelli Starting his professional photography career at the age of 14 after receiving a camera for Christmas, Dino Petrocelli knew professional photography was the path he wanted to pursue. In 1986 Dino shot his her professional gig, a wedding, and soon after this first paid gig, he was doing 40 plus weddings a year.

Fine tuning his craft, Dino was shooting bike parts and custom bikes for a local distributor Biker’s Choice.With many of these custom bikes pix being published in Hot Bike Magazine it wasn’t too long till OCC Choppers called on Dino to shoot some ads for 3 popular biker magazines.

Since 1997 Dino Petrocelli has become one of the few “must have” photographers in the custom bike industry with some serious credits to his name with a  dynamic perspective and style that fuses some of the hottest custom Harley’s with sexy model for Easyriders, V-Twin, and the Discovery Channel to name only a few.Dino Petrocelli has become one of the few "must have" photographers

Dino’s slick unique style pushes the envelope of artistry with vivid surrealism that literally pulls you into the scene, while at the same time brings his subjects to life with some exciting image angles.

Dino isn’t one of those sidewalk commandos that you see making money off of the custom bike industry either, he had his own custom bike built in 1999 which has been featured in Hot Bike, V-Twin and American Iron. Dino has since added a 2004 Road King Custom to his riding pleasure, that he rode that for a year till he saw the 2006 springer which now is his main bike, of course customized to his liking with a awesome paint job by none other than Justin Barnes from JBGraphix.

Dino was even so kind to allow us to use one of his bad ass images as this blogs background, Sexy model Barbara in front of Broadway Choppers. So to see more of this stunning artists work check out his site @

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    Dino has a new website at Check it out!

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    Meet Custom Harley Photoghrapher Dino Petrocelli | Custom Motorcycle Parts

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