The Path to Building the Perfect Harley

The Path to Building the Perfect HarleyWhat constitues the perfect Harley Davisson motorcycle? Who is the best custom harley builder? The answers will surly vary depending on who you ask, but if you are a biker who wants a cool custom harley chopper that he can get on and ride that is not only good looking but is also well built and 100% road worthy, then you are talking about Mike Toupin’s Chopper Design Group.

For over 40 years Mike Toupin has been designing and building some of the finest custom motorcycles; building all of his motorcycles from a riders perspective he has helped countless motorcyclists realize their dreams of owning a 100% one of a kind custom Harley, and with all of his hard work over the years Chopper Design Group was again recognized as an elite custom Harley design company by winning both the 2011 regional and 2012 Easy Riders Crafty Customs class with the “Bobb-It”, the 2012 show was the national event.

Because the Bobber class Harley’s had became so popular over the years East Riders decided to add the “Crafty Customs” class to their motorcycle show events. the focus of this class event is to show those new to building motorcycles what can be accomplished when working with a super tight budget. Where as in most other show events it is all about throwing large sums of cash into a custom build project, the crafty customs class has a build budget of $10.000 and with this limit in place builders must rely on their skill and creativeness rather than money to complete their build design.

Mike and Chopper Design Group are both relatively unknown in the larger circles within the motorcycle industry, but he is a household name in Southern California. Mike’s approach to building  is based on his customers needs and vision of their perfect custom motorcycle and then working with his customers he creates a rough idea on paper, working for there he lets his creative side go and shapes that vision and rough sketch into a real piece of custom Harley art.

Mike’s dedication to the fine art of designing and building custom Harley motorcycle helps keep his shop busy with almost non-stop business, and it is common for bikers to be willing to stand in line and wait for Mike to help them with even the smallest question or drop down a deposit to hold a spot in Mike’s list of custom design projects.

While most other building projects will cost more money to perform than the Bobb-It, Mike has proven that he can take almost nothing and create a stunning one of a kind masterpiece custom Harley!

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