Pimp Your Bike: Unique DIY Motorcycle Projects

Pimp Your Bike: Unique DIY Motorcycle Projects

If you are feeling creative and can’t wait for good riding weather, pick a do-it-yourself motorcycle improvement project. They are a lot easier to do than you might think and they will have a lasting effect on the quality of your ride.

While DIY motorcycle improvement projects arent as simple as buying a standard motorcycle accessory, such as a helmet or a riding jacket, they can be done by a mechanical novice and can have more meaning to the recipient. Unless its a project that you must bring into a mechanic, modifying a riders bike can almost as easy as clicking the “buy” button for your Suzuki or Yamaha motorcycle parts.

The scenario in this video took a little more work, but is a great example of how thoughtful a gift some restoration to an old bike can be.

iPod Controller

While listening to tunes through your iPod, the last thing you should do while youre buzzing down the freeway is reach into your pocket to change the song or pump up the volume. There are several mobile iPod controllers that can easily be strapped on to a bike. Many of these products consist of an iPod adapter, a controller and a mount. The great news is that the mount itself usually consists of a strap that can be easily put on to the handlebars. You need little to no mechanical know-how to add a great motorcycle accessory to just about any bike.

Replace the Seat or Add a Pad

Most of a motorcyclist’s focus is on performance of a bike. Do yourself a favor and add a bit of comfort to the performance. Depending upon the model, it can be easy to remove the stock seat and add one that offers maximum support for the gluteus maximus for those long rides. If the seat cant easily be removed and you know a little bit about sewing, you can cut out the main portion of the seat and replace it with high-end cushioning. This is a little harder to do, but there are plenty of DIY guides online that will help you through the process.

New Headlights

Visibility at night is a major factor in safety. Replace standard headlights with chrome light kits that are easy to replace, and add style to your machine. Do some research into the brightness and longevity of the different brands. Also, be sure to buy headlights that are compatible with the type of bike you wish to improve.

Paint Guard Film

Motorcycles are a magnet for bugs, dirt and scratches. You can mitigate this problem by putting a thin layer of protective film on the motorcycle. Similar to protective film put on cell phones, the film acts as a barrier between the paint and unwanted blemishes. Doing so can be a bit tricky depending upon the shape of the motorcycle, but by measuring and cutting the film beforehand and carefully affixing it to the motorcycle, you can add a layer of protection that every motorcycle lover will appreciate. Even just applying bit of film on the gas tank can make a great difference. However, don’t go crazy with this stuff as it can be noticeable.

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