Fine Tuning Your Harley For Top Performance

Fine Tuning Your Harley For Top PerformanceThere is nothing cool than the feeling of excitement and pride after building your first motorcycle, it is almost impossible to explain to anyone who hasn’t build a motorcycle. With you bike complete the next step is tuning it for maximum performance. You can buy book on motorcycle performance or even ask your friends, but no matter what you do check out and you are sure to find at least one performance tip you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Of course if you don’t want to take chances with your new motorcycle, then you can always take it to a local motorcycle shop for some fine tuning. Performance tuning isn’t cheap, but you’ll notice the difference once you ride you bike!


The high performance tuning guide at will help you with the most important aspects in getting the most performance from your Harley, like:

Estimate your engine horsepower
Estimate your top speed and how modifications will change it
Estimate your 1/4 mile time and how modifications will change it
Estimate your 1/8 mile time and how modifications will change it
Determine the best exhaust pipe length
Compute air density
Compute overall gear ratios
Compute cubic inches displacement for an engine

You will need some additional tools, but you will get a detailed list in the guide and if you are tight on money you can always borrow them from a friend!

If you are using fuel injection then you will find plenty of tips to squeeze the most out of your Harley EFI system. FLH’s, Softails, Dyna?s and Buell’s all offer fuel injection as original equipment since 2007 or an option on older bikes since 1996. The purist’s are crying foul and talk about the “good old days” when they would repair their bike on the side of the road. It might be nice to take retrospective view of the introduction of new technology to Harley-Davidson motorcycles and what current technology is available and what the future may bring.

The site also has a long list of horsepower charts, and tips for reducing engine heat and surge. You have to see this site to appreciate all of the information they provide!

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