Finding The Best Motorcycle In Box Kit

Finding The Best Motorcycle In Box KitIf you are considering building your own custom motorcycle then before you run out a buy a butt load of expensive parts, you should consider purchasing a motocycle kit that will not only help save you money but will save time and the hassle of chasing down deals or searching swap meets and bike shows.

Top 20 Sites has a solid list of the most popular sites to purchase a motorcycle kit. Each site in their list has comments and a popularity score to help you make an informed buying decision, and you can also use the site to check out different building packages as well as get part information that can be used to totally refine your your build design.

One of the coolest motorcycle build styles is the Bobber. The bobber get their name from the old school 1940′s and 1950′s design where the bike was stripped to make it look lean and mean. This was mainly used by racers and stunt riders of the day but was adopted by their follower. Along with bobbers many builders are designing replica biker to resemble old school V-twins, If you are considering one of these styles then finding a reasonably priced stye kit will be quite easy.

eBay is also a great source for purchasing a motorcycle building kit and because it is eBay you are protected with their internal return policy incase you should encounter problems.

S & S also sells a full line of kits as well as replacement parts to give your build a one of a kind look and feel.

The Captain America II combines the original style of the choppers from the movie 'Easy Rider' with modern technology.

If you are thing about building a vintage replica motorcycle then you need to see the Captain America motorcycle from Paughco. The Captain America II combines the original style of the choppers from the movie ‘Easy Rider’ with modern technology.

Once you purchase your kit, it is all about putting it together right and applying some sexy paint. There a few options for you if you don’t thin you can apply the paint, the first one is taking it to a shop and letting a professional shoot your new custom motorcycle with some sexy color or you could even take it to your local community college and let the body shop students hook up the paint. It will cost you next to nothing if you go this route. If you think you want to take a stab at painting your bike yourself then you should read this guide.

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