Custom Motorcycle Building Projects Doing it Right

Custom Motorcycle Building Projects Doing it RightWhether you are a seasoned motorcycle builder or contemplating building your first motorcycle the most important tip you can ever get it to never cut corners on your building project; avoiding quickly assembling methods or using low quality parts can not only hurt the value of your motorcycle, but could cause serious injury to you should the bike breakdown while you are on the road or because you used low quality parts during your build.

Using quality parts and fasteners will not only make your custom motorcycle safe but it will also help to increase the visual look of the bike as well as help increase its value. A lot goes in to building a custom motorcycle and should you have questions or need some technical advice check out Southern Motorcycle Works tech tips page.

Another important tip is to document your full build from start to finish, you can jot down the build steps you take with the parts you are using including serial numbers and the “actual” cost of the parts and remember to keep all of your receipts because you will need them to get your motorcycle registered and assigning a total value of your motorcycle when it comes time to get it insured. You can also add in labor costs as part of your build. this will become important should you need to file an insurance claim if your motorcycle is stolen your gets damaged in an accident. If you have computer skills you can easily create a spread sheet to keep track and document your build.

Using quality fasteners, clamps, tie downs and cables is just as important as using quality parts. Cheap fasteners or clamps can cause a world of nightmares should one fail. I have seen engines blown because a cheap oil line clamp was used or improperly placed and tightened. This can turn into a $4000.00 mistake when a $2.00 clamp properly placed and tightened could have avoided it in the first place.

If you are building your motorcycle from a kit, then be sure to examine every piece of the kit before you begin your assembly, this will help avoiding delays during your build and the potential for an accident while on the road due to a part defect that fails. It is also a good idea to read the assembly instructions that comes with your motorcycle kit, it will walk you through the build process and also offer tips for each stage of your build.

Have fun and happy building!


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