Custom Motorcycle Building Projects are All About The Right Tools

Custom Motorcycle Building Projects are All About The Right ToolsHaving the right tools for every type of motorcycle building project is just as important as having high quality parts for your project, and with some  legwork on your part you don’t have to drop  a bundle on new tools if you know were to look.

Before you go out and spend an arm and a leg on new tools, every builder from beginner to seasoned professional should evaluate their current tool inventory and then get those tools that are most important. If you are starting your first project then depending on your skill set you will have less need for tools and equipment that professional builders use such as welding and metal shaping tools. To get started on the right foot build out your tool set with quality screw drivers, wrenches. ratchets and sockets.

I always search pawn shops, swap meets and craigslist for broken American tools like Snap-On, Mac, and others. These broken tools cost a fraction of buying them new or even used and taking them to your local dealer you can get then fixed or replaced for almost nothing. It is also a good idea to post a ad on craigslist for used and broken tools.

If you need torque wrenches then look for Proto in your local pawn shop, these torque wrenches are top quality and you can pick them up for next to nothing.

Swap meets, local motorcycle and car shows are also a great source for picking up tools and accessories you will need.

If you just don’t have the patients or time to scour swap meets, pawn shops or bike shows, then you can head over to your local Sears or Home Depot. Sears sells Craftsman tools, and have been a household name for mechanics since 1927. All Craftsman tools carry a lifetime guarantee and you can’t go wrong with these tools. The Husky brand is sold by Home Depot and they are also guaranteed for life. Husky has become popular in recent years and while you might not see them in use in by professional who tend to favor Snap-On and other top brands they are still good tools and perfect for those on a budget.

If you need tool boxes, chests, or rollaways then you can easily find great deals on on craigslist, and swap meets as well. Your local Snap-On, Mac, and Matco dealer may even have used rollaways they have taken in as credit for newer chests and you can get a good deal especially for older boxes and rollaways.

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