Building A Custom Harley Vs. Buying A Ready To Ride Custom Motorcycle

Building A Custom Harley Vs. Buying A Ready To Ride Custom MotorcycleSo you have saved every nickel and dime you could scrape together, and you think it is now time to start planning the build for your very first custom Harley motorcycle, but before spend one penny of all that hard earned cash there some serious questions you should ask yourself before you start buying parts.

Building a customer motorcycle from the ground up is a serious task, and if you have never actually built your own bike before you should take some time to consider everything that goes into building a Harley, because mistakes can not only be very expensive to correct, but your dream of owning a one of a kind custom Harley could turn into a nightmare quickly.

The most important consideration that must be addressed is your level of mechanical skill. The mechanics of putting together a V-Twin Harley motor and drive train is far different from working on a car engine and there are a lot of special tools required in building a motorcycle. If you feel confident in your mechanical skills, then your next task is the type of build you will be undertaking.

If you are willing to just go out and buy all of the parts you will need and just put them together, you can easily have your new bike assembled in no time. There are countless resources available that offer a variety of options from rolling chassis? to full blown kits that include everything you will need to build a ?turn key? motorcycle quickly and easily.

On the other hand if you want totally unique custom design, then you should step back and ask yourself if you really have what it takes to create and build all of the necessary parts for your custom design. There is a lot to consider, like frame moldings, tank, fenders, engine covers, brackets and levers to name of a few of the required components you will need to complete your build. The cost of design and fabrication alone can add up to fifty percent or more of the total cost of building your motorcycle, and this even before you add in the cost for a front end, handlebars, paint and electronics.

Another option would be to buy a running motorcycle and customize it, giving it the look and feel you envision with some cool custom parts and paint. This could shave off a substantial amount from your building cost, and will let you spend more money on things like chrome, custom paint and tuning your engine.

The bottom line is you want a custom Harley that is one of a kind and a reflection of your dreams, so before you run off and turn that illusive dream into a nightmare, make sure you do your homework and put it all down on paper, and if you are unsure on any aspect of your build, spending a little extra time and money on research will undoubtedly pay off in the end!

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