Build a Real Custom Harley for Less Than 10 Thousand Dollars

Build a Real Custom Harley for Less Than 10 Thousand DollarsBuilding a custom Harley motorcycle can be an expensive task, but did you know that you could actually build a custom Harley for less than $10,000 buy buying a damaged or theft recovered motocycle from an insurance sales clearing house? Everyday motorcycles are damaged in accidents, recovered from theft and some are even damaged in floods or other non vehicle accidents and after the original owner is compensated by his insurance company these motorcycle are sold off at substantially discounted prices.

One source for finding insurance clearing house deals is at They have a large selection of  recovered Harley Davison motorcycles starting at around $2,800. Some of these motorcycle are lightly damaged or have been partially stripped so you will need some good mechanical and diagnostic skills to get these bike up and running but the reward is owning a “real” harley for a fraction of the bluebook cost. Even if you only need an engine or other parts to complete your own current custom build project this is a valuable source for real harley Davidson parts. They are licensed and bonded and offer a 100% money back guarantee. They even offer low cost transport services, or you can do a local pick up at their Imperial Beach, Ca location.

Purchase online or in-person using check, cash, credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Fleet financing is available for multiple purchases. No dealer licenses needed and all vehicles are sold with a title. Worldwide delivery is

Their inventory changes daily so if you see something you like then you better act fast because chances are someone else will get it before you do. Check out their inventory database to see the daily changes

This is a great way to not only own a Harley Davidson motorcycle for next to nothing, but it will also give you the opportunity to get your hands dirty getting your new Harley up and running.


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