Beginner Motorcycle Building Projects

Beginner motorcycle building projects Thinking of starting your own custom motorcycle build project but don’t thing you have the skills to pull it off? Well think again! Chopper Surplus has everything you need to build a one of a kind custom Harley with their “Motorcycle in box” building kits. Their kits range from rolling frames to full kits with everything you need to build your first custom motorcycle, and all you will need to add is elbow grease to put it together, and some custom paint.

Chopper Surplus also has a large selection of motorcycle styles from the popular Bobbers, low riders to full outlaw style choppers. They even have a cool selection of bike kits for those on a tight budget who still want to build their very own custom motorcycle.

Of course you are going to need some tools to put your bike together, and if you will also need to buy some tools as well then check out my article on how to pick up tools without going broke here.

While putting your new custom bike together you may find you don’t like the look or style of some of the included accessories, well that isn’t a big deal you can always modify or even replace them with your own parts. the idea is building your first motorcycle. This is also a great farther and son project or maybe a project for you and your bro, what ever your plans are you can easily build a great looking custom motorcycle for far less than buying one and with ll of that money you will be saving you can invest some money into a cool comfortable seat or maybe an air ride suspension kit.

With the cost starting around $2,800 for rolling chassis to $14,000 for a complete kit with everything you need including engine, trans, wiring, etc… all you will have to add is paint!

You can check out my article on motorcycle painting to help you out.

Bikers Choice also has some useful tech tips for first time or novice builders here.

Good luck and happy building.


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