Choosing the Right Protective Motorcycle Gear

Choosing the Right Protective Motorcycle GearIt is a proven fact that wearing quality motorcycle riding gear will help reduce the potential for serious injury event of a crash. As a biker, it is vital to your safety to wear appropriate riding gear to protect you from the elements as well as injury should you go down in the event of an accident. the following tips will help you choose the right gear:

Eyewear. Protecting your eyes while riding is crucial, getting hit by a bug or flying road debris can not only be painful but it can also cause serious permeant injury. You should choose shatter-proof glasses, goggles, or face shields. Avoid wearing tinted glasses and goggles at night as they can cause serious visual impairment which can lead to an accident.

Jacket and pants. Your choice here should be durable materials such as leather or kevlar infused. Your jacket should fit snug but not too tight. As for pants, wearing leather pants is not for everyone, but you can always wear denim jeans with leather chaps over them

Gloves. Your gloves should match your riding environment, leather is a good choice, but there are many synthetic brands that rival leather. Non-slip gloves offer better grip, and in cold conditions gauntlet style golveds are a wise choice.

Footwear. Leather boots are the best option here, they should cover your ankels and can be steal toed if you prefer. You can drop your local army surplus and get a pair a jump boots for far less than one of the more popular brands available.

Helmets. There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a helmet that is not only comfortable, but provides the safety you will need should you become involved in an accident. Always choose a D.O.T. approved helmet and if you opt for a “shorty” skid lid then make sure you always use a face shield or protective glasses or goggles. Check out this article on some really cool face shields.

Safety and riding comfort should be your top priority, but both requirements shouldn’t be a problem with the large variety of protective riding gear that is available, plus being fashionable as well it is win win for motorcyclists.

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