Adding a cool look to your Motorcycle Helmet

Adding a cool look to your Motorcycle Helmet

Wearing a motorcycle helmet when you ride is undoubtedly the smartest thing you can do to help protect yourself in the event of becoming involved in a motorcycle accident; the opinion is split on whether the law should be able to demand motorcycle riders wear a helmet as a matter of law, so until the law is changed you might as well wear a cool custom skid lid while you are at it.

There are plenty of options to consider, such as buying a blank helmet and getting a custom design painted on it, or getting one that is already painted and ready to go.

The first order of business should be to make sure that your new helmet meets the D.O.T standards and fits well. While you are looking for a helmet that is a fashion statement it is very import that it fit well and feel comfortable on your head especially if you plan to make a long distant trip or two!Adding a cool look to your Motorcycle Helmet

The type of helmet you choose should reflect on the type riding you do; if you have a sport bike then chances are you will want a full face type helmet, most Harley riders prefer an open face or skid lid type of helmet. Both choices are fine as long as the helmet fits comfortably.

To help meet the techy needs of modern motorcyclists there are plenty of helmets that offer Bluetooth, private communication as well as voice command systems for your phone, iPod or other music device. The price of these tech friendly helmets are more expensive, but the additional convenience they offer is well worth it.

If you already know the brand and model of helmet you want and are sure this helmet will be comfortable then check out online stores like eBay and Amazon. Both online stores offer a wide selection with competitive pricing among their sellers.

If you are merely interested in purchasing a blank helmet so you can get it custom painted then check out helmet they offer the widest selection of blank helmets of almost every brand.

No matter what type of helmet you choose, remember it can’t help save your life should you go down on your bike if you’re not wearing it!


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