A New Take On Face Protection

A New Take On Face ProtectionGetting smacked in the face by a high speed bug or rock while riding has always been a serious concern of every motorcyclist and the only options are wearing a full face helmet, tying a bandana around your face, or simply saying “screw it” and taking your chances.

Solid State Covers has come up with an innovative take and design on face protection for motorcyclists with their line of face protection gear that is also very cool looking. Mark from Solid State Covers knows what a nightmare it is getting hit by a 60 mile an hour bug or rock, having your full face mask fog up, or dealing with the hassle of tying a bandana around your face and hoping for the best, and with his frustration mark decided to come up with an alternative that actually protected him without creating additional impairment issues.

Mark at Solid State Covers designed these masks to hang from the head harness while resting genteelly against the cheeks and chin. This design aid is reducing pressure points resulting in pain or discomfort while riding. The neck strap secures the mask when looking down to prevent the mask slipping down.

It is bad enough that bikers have to be vigilant while on the road, always on the lookout for the motorist who might not see them, but having to deal with injury to your face from bugs and flying road debris as well can be overwhelming, so why not get the protection you need and look cool at the same time?

Solid State Covers has 6 cool and down right sexy designs to choose from and will work with just about every kind of open face helment so you don’t have to go out and buy a new skid lid to use this face saving protection gear.

Check out their website at solidstatecovers.com for more details and online ordering.

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