Getting More Performance From Your Harley

New styles of an upcoming season take over the old and those of you who wish to avail discounts on brand new motorcycle gear have come to the right place.

Harley Motorcycle performance can mean different things depending on which biker you talk to; some want that lighting fast speed from stop light to stop light while other riders want to have optimal power at high speeds giving them the power to over take and out run anything on the road. Performing mild modifications to your mostly stock Harley Davidson motorcycle is a common practice, but making too many modifications or improper changes can actually hurt your overall performance and cause issue with heat, safety and reliability, not to mention the added cost of maintenance and repair from  engine break down or part failure.

Almost all Harley riders only need more performance in the mid rpm range.

There is a distinct difference in performance types; torque is low rpm power that is needed to get your motorcycle moving from a standing stop, while horsepower is the top end portion of rpm that makes the engine spin faster giving you more speed. A Harley with more torque and less horsepower will take off from a standing stop faster, while those high horsepower Harley Davidson’s typically have less less bottom end torque giving them slower starts but optimum speed at high rpm’s. There is a basic give and take here, but it is possible to build your engine for top horsepower and torque and all you will need is  big checkbook!

Before you run out to that cool Harley performance shop and spend a fortune and in some cases totally wasting your money. take your motocycle to a dyno shop and get a reading on your motorcycles actual performance. This will not only save you money, but ti will give you a picture of how your Harley actually performs at both low and higher rpm’s along with a blueprint for what modifications you really need to perform to get your bike where you want it.

The basics of an internal combustion engine takes in air from the carburator or injectors and mixes it with fuel, as the pistons pump upward they compress the air/fuel mixture and explode creating downward force that is transmitted to the transmission creating power.

The most common performance modifications revolve around the carb or injectors and raising piston compression. Improving intake send more air/fuel to the pistons creating more power, while increased compression creates more torque.  A cheap fix for improving torque is changing to lower gears for your first and second gears, but be warned that the downside is creating more heat in the tranny and you will need to modify your trans oil cooling along with your gear swaps.

Don’t take chances on bolt on kits for your motorcycle until you have a clear picture of your Harley’s actual performance and unless you know what your doing mechanically don’t make your own performance modifications.

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