How To Paint Custom Flames On Your Motorcycle

How To Paint Custom Flames On Your MotorcycleIf you are familiar with custom flame painting then you also know how much attention a killer set of flames can attract…
Especially on your custom chopper, motorcycle, car or truck. Flames look awesome on other things too! Like a custom made barbecue, motorcycle helmets, welding helmets, the list goes on.

If you want flames on your ride, you have a few choices to make….
Doing it yourself or having a company do it. Both options are valid and have their own advantages. If you do it yourself there are a few things about custom flames you will need to know.

For starters you need to make sure that all the chrome is removed wherever you plan to paint the flames. Anything standing in the way of your paint has to be sanded off. Otherwise it will have an obvious effect on your custom flame job. ??There are many steps involved in airbrushing flames, particularly before the paint is applied.

The first step is sanding. You need to prepare the part of your chopper to be painted. Most often you will use a piece of wet sand paper, some water and a small amount of dish soap.

Make sure your tank, or whatever you are painting is securely fastened on during the sanding. ??After you have sanded off anything in the way of your paint and made the area nice and smooth, it’s time to start the second step of your custom flame paint job, spraying the base coat. You need to decide what color your base coat will be, and apply it to the part, before actually creating the flames.

??It is recommended by many custom flame painting experts to coat the part in the base color in a couple of different layers. This ensures that every inch is covered with the base paint. Don forget to spray on a wax, silicone and grease remover. This will make sure that there are no hand or fingerprints. ??An additional clear coat ensures that if you have to sand any of your flames off, the base coat will not be removed as well.

The next step is the actual flame painting. First outline the flames with various shades of paint. Be creative. You can have traditional orange and yellow flames, or you could have blue or purple flames. ??Once you have painted on the first layer of flames apply a few more coats so your paint job does not fade. An additional clear coat can help to ensure that the colors remain vibrant.

The final step of a custom flame paint job is buffing. ??It is recommended that professional buffers are used when you are buffing the area where the custom flames are. Make sure to buff the part to a shine. It makes your custom flame painting stand out. All of these steps are crucial to make sure that your custom flame paint job turns out exactly as it should. You must make sure you follow these steps precisely. Otherwise your paint job may turn out to be something totally different then what you had imagined.

Custom flame painting is done by many body shops in a variety of styles and colors as well as for a variety of prices. If you have the money, flames can add something to your chopper, a certain flare it may have lacked before.

If you plan to airbrush your chopper it is suggested that you research the types of paint, the dealers reputation, and learn the ins and outs of what you want in custom flame job and how to get it done as a precautionary measure. This ensures that you end up getting the custom flames that are just what you were looking for on your custom chopper.

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