Building a Motorcycle Paint Booth

Building a Motorcycle Paint BoothPainting your motorcycle is by far the most expensive aspect of custom motorcycle design, it requires a rather large set of tools and equipment as well as artistic skill. Additionally applying slick and sexy custom paint requires a safe and efficient working environment, the spray booth. The spray booth has a two fold approach, first it helps the painter control his application of paint by reducing the amount of overspray that could land on the parts his is painting, and secondly it aids in removing the harmful fumes and vapors that could cause serious injury from prolonged exposure.

Your typical spray booth is a simple box that pushes air in on one end and uses a filtered exhaust fan to pull the dirty air on the other. as Clean air passes through the spray booth at a moderate rate to keep all overspray away from the painter and his work letting it land on the spry booth floor.

The dirty air is is filtered to capture up to 90% protecting the painter and his work.

If you’re going to invest in a paint booth, look for booths made of galvanized steel that are built in compliance with OSHA 1910 AND NFPA 33. Some resources for purchasing paint booths include Tools USA ( and Global Finishing Solutions (

If you are thinking about just building your own booth, it can easily be accomplished by building a small wooden or metal booth and covering the inside walls with white poly sheeting. Next attach florescent lighting to the sides and top of the booth. You can then insert intake and filtered exhaust fans at each end of the booth. you can purchase the filters from your local paint strore.

Before you begin painting wet the floor and sides of the booth, this will help grab air borne paint as overspray begins to develop, and always remember to wear a charcoal filter mask when painting. If you have small parts that require paint you can suspend wire hangers from the ceiling, Larger items like frames or gas tanks can be placed on jigs or a padded table covered with light colored paper.

No matter how to decide to paint your motocycle, safety is your first priority.


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  1. Rob Fleming - May 25, 2012

    New blog post: Building a Motorcycle Paint Booth

  2. Rob Fleming - May 25, 2012

    New blog post: Building a Motorcycle Paint Booth

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