Buying Motorcycle Parts on eBay

Buying Motorcycles and Parts on eBayBuying motorcycle parts on eBay can either be fun and rewarding or down right scary! The most common issues that inexperienced buyers face when buying on eBay is not reading the full product description or the fine print that discribes the sellers warrantee or return policy, and when a buyer makes a mistake such as buying the wrong part or damaging it due to his or her negligence can have a negative impact on the buyer using eBay in the future.

To protect yourself when making a purchase on eBay always read the full product description; legitimate eBay seller will use factory part numbers and always have detailed picture of the parts they are selling, be wary of parts that  do not include pictures or are some small that is hard to see te detail. this is usually the first indication of a potential scam.

almost all sellers offer some kind of return policy for defective parts and even simply returning a part you either purchased by mistake or just don’t need any more, and in case the seller may charge a restocking fee.

To further protect yourself from potential fraud or scams you should get your self a Paypal account to make your eBay purchases. Paypal offer additional protection from eBay purchases such as receiving an incorrect or defective item as well as situations of fraud.

There also some 3rd party companies that offer warrantee insurance on most every eBay purchase so for a few more dollars to can get additional protection and peace of mind.

The most important thing all eBay buyers must do is throughly read the product description and fully understand what the sellers terms are and know what you are buying!

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