Motorcycle Tire Wear Can Cause Serious Injury

Motorcycle Tire Wear Can Cause Serious InjuryTire wear is the actual removal of rubber from the tire due to scuffing. The latter is the process of scrubbing of material off the tires which results to cupping, flat band upright tire wear (common on the rear tire) and side flat band tire wear (common on front tire). Side tire wear also happens on both sides of the front tire and also to a minor degree on both sides of the rear tire. The reason why tires have side tear is because of its interaction to the pavement. Do you still remember the Newton?s First Law of Motion? Newton said, ?Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it?.

Thus, to make a motorcycle turn, you must apply force because the motorcycle will continue to run in a straight, natural inertial centrifugal force. This force is responsible for scuffing and eventually, side wear of tires. However, as it is pretty evident, side wear usually happens on the left front. This is especially true in countries where driver rides on the right side of the road. Riding right would mean greater miles on the left side.

Therefore, an increase in left side wears results. Another tire wear is cupping. This is the scalloping where a natural wear pattern results. This happens when the tire usually grips the road when making turns. Scalloping is apparent on the side wear bands of a leaned motorcycle. Simultaneous with the rotating tires is the pressure that moves to the trailing edge creating a pattern.

The scuffed off rubber causes depression which makes it possible to produce cupping. Complicated tread pattern also produces complicated scalloping pattern. Another factor that contributes to scalloping is the composition of the tire. If it is soft, it is more likely to be affected.

Rear center tire wear is another kind. This is caused by traveling upright miles on an exaggerated acceleration and braking. This tire wear is common to drive shaft bikes. On the other hand, belt and shield drives can be considered as shield to lessen the gravity of wear.

Other factors that contribute to tire wear are the following ? frame geometry of the motorcycle, changing the suspension and heavy trail.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that before you run your motorcycles, tires must be properly inflated. Or else, the tire wear will be greatly exaggerated.

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