Harley Davidson Engine Oiling Tips

Harley Davidson Engine Oiling TipsIt’s a pure necessity to change your oil every 1,500 miles when you own a shovelhead motor. But be sure to flush the oil bag every other oil change! If you don’t, you risk clogging your bike’s oil pump or oil lines and seizing the engine.

Here’s how to do it:

Go to your local lumber yard, gas station or hardware store and purchase five gallons of kerosene. The stuff comes in (and must be transported in) special blue five gallon drums. The drums are re-usable. Diesel fuel will work just as well. Be sure to purchase a kerosene pump to make life a whole lot easier. When you get this stuff to yer shop, drain your oil as usual and put a quart or two of kerosene into the tank. You should be careful not to drain the kerosene into the oil pump, so it is a good idea to remove the supply hose and plug the tank with wood dowels. Golf tees might work for this. Every once in a while you should remove the oil bag entirely.

If you have not removed the oil bag from the bike, with the kerosene in the tank, sit on the seat and rock the bike back and forth so the kerosene mixes with sludge on the bottom of the tank. After some suitable rock and roll, remove the plug and drain the kerosene safely away into a container for environmentally safe disposal or re-use. You might want to do this a couple of more times. There will be black sludge in the kerosene until it runs clear. Make sure all the kerosene has drained out before you fill the tank with oil. Kerosene is a solvent and will destroy the lubricating properties of your liquid gold.

It is much easier to do a thorough job if you remove the oil bag from the bike beforehand. In this case, slosh that kerosene around in the tank for fair thee well before you dump the stuff. You should see some black sludge come out. Wash the tank with kerosene until the stuff that comes out is clean kerosene. Again, make sure there is no kerosene left in the tank before you re-assemble the bike and fill the tank with oil.

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