Finding Those Rare Harley Davidson Parts At 2011 Sturgis

Finding Those Rare Harley Davidson Parts At 2011 SturgisEvery August thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts make their way to South Dakota to be a part of the Sturgis motorcycle rally, ands while many will be there for the music, sexy women and non stop partying, many are only there to find rare vintage Harley parts for their Harley restoration project.

The Sturgis motorcycle rally has always been the place to go for the best in motorcycle entertainment, music, and of course customer motorcycles, parts and accessories, so it is no wonder that thousands will flock to the 2011 Sturgis motorcycle rally to find those hard to find vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle parts and accessories.

The Pursuit of building the perfect custom Harley, can sometimes be a daunting task with so many details that go into the building process; from rough conceptual design, chassis, drive train, paint, chrome and accessories, there is so much to consider, and if you are planning your ride from a vintage stock, then finding original parts can be next to impossible.

Vintage Harley motorcycle builders know that finding certain older Harley parts can be next to impossible, but with the ability to network with literally thousands of Harley builders, and parts suppliers, you can easily put the word out for those rare parts you are looking for!

Some Vintage Harley builders will come to Sturgis just to purchase a broken or worn out part like engine cases or exhaust systems just to get the correct dimensions for making a aftermarket replacement for parts that just can not be found. Some other valuable building resources are vintage repair manuals and wiring diagrams. These vintage goodies often cost more than the average new motorcycle, but the cost is well worth it to vintage Harley builders who make their money from these historical building tools.

There will be countless Harley dealers, and many of them often carry restored vintage models available for purchase. Dealerships often have restoration specialist?s onsite to help answer questions and aid in locating parts for vintage builders.

While Sturgis will host the largest group of custom Harley parts and accessories, so you can bet you will find plenty of resources for your current vintage build project, as well as the largest selection of aftermarket replacement parts and accessories, tools and don?t forget plenty of building ideas for your future custom build project!

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  1. steve thatcher #

    hey,hopeing you can locate some parts,1990 ist edition fat boy silver ghost,primary cover,ignition speedo cover and timing cover..thank you

    December 31, 2011 at 8:19 am Reply


  1. Rob Fleming - July 27, 2011

    New blog post: Finding Those Rare Harley Davidson Parts At 2011 Sturgis

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