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One Complaint To The CHP Gets Lane Splitting Guidelines Removed From Website

The American Motorcyclist Association endorses and supports the motorcycling practice of lane splitting and works diligently to encourage states to allow lane splitting in slow moving or stopped traffic. Why? According to the AMA, lane splitting reduces the motorcyclist’s risk of being involved in a deadly or horrific rear-end accident. In stopped traffic or slowly … Read more →

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Jury Returns A $1.1 Million Verdict For An Injured Motorcyclist Represented By Motorcycle Attorney Chuck Koro

After 3 years of litigation and a 7 day trial, on July 9, a Los Angeles, California jury returned a verdict of more than $1.1million for an injured motorcyclist represented by Chuck Koro of Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys.

The thirty-one-year-old motorcyclist was cut off by a driver exiting a gas station and went down with his … Read more →

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Motorcycles As Art

Motorcycles are beautiful. There is nothing like being in the wind traveling down a country road, or cruising with friends up the coast.  For many people there is nothing like living the motorcycle lifestyle. The idea of the motorcycle as art is not a new idea or concept, and for as long as motorcyclists have … Read more →

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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Travel Info

If you are planning on going to the 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – the oldest, largest, and most popular motorcycle event in the entire world – make sure you have a travel plan before you hit the road and your journey will be smooth and problem free.

A list of helpful resources such as South Dakota … Read more →

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The History Of The Hollister Motorcycle Rally

Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys – Official Sponsor of the Hollister Motorcycle Rally: The motorcycle lifestyle is full of wonderful history, but one of the most important pieces of history relevant to motorcyclists is the 1947 Hollister Riot. While the riot happened 67 years ago, it is a valuable piece of motorcycle history, because if it … Read more →

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The Legend That Is The Sturgis Buffalo Chip

Without a doubt, The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the biggest, best, and most well-known motorcycle event throughout the world, and that must be why each year more than 600,000 motorcycle enthusiasts make the run to Sturgis, South Dakota, from all over the world. Since the 1938 inaugural event called the Black Hills Classic, each succeeding … Read more →

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Army Vet Overcomes PTSD With The Help Of His Service Dog

Feature image: Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel / 2014

The Harley Davidson training school operated by MMI in Orlando, Florida is the last place you would ever expect to find someone suffering from PTSD; filled with the raucous noise of rumbling Harley engines, the smell of motor oil, solvents, the clang of tools along … Read more →

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The Future Is NOW: Introducing The Hoverbike

Gliding across the desert, it looks like something straight off of a Star Wars movie set. The Californian Aerofex hoverbike is here and it is set to launch in 2017. This hoverbike, known as Aero-X, is a two-person motorbike with carbon fiber rotors instead of wheels. These rotors can lift the bike 10 feet into … Read more →

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California Motorcyclists Have Multiple Options When Riding Busy Freeways

Over 800,000 motorcyclists call California their home. If you are lucky enough to be one of them, you get to enjoy year-round riding as some of the nation’s most beautiful scenery passes you by. From majestic Redwood forests and rolling vineyards to lonely desert roads and narrow ocean highways, motorcyclists from San Diego to Sacramento … Read more →

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Celebrating Women & Riding – May Is Women Riders Month

Between 2003 and 2009, the number of women motorcyclists increased 67% and now, nearly 1 in 4 riders in the United States are female. To celebrate our new female riders, May is officially Women Riders Month. Women motorcyclists are a driving force in the motorcycling world these days and numerous women bikers are setting records, … Read more →

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